Magic Choral Trick #133 Target Pitches

I just emailed out a list of Target Pitches to my women’s Barbershop chorus. I didn’t want them to be overwhelmed, so I chose six chords on one page for them to stop on, and check with their Korg Tuners.

Here’s an Example of what I did.

Bar 22 – on the word BEAT

Tenor – C sharp (3rd of the chord)

Lead – A (Root)

Baritone – G (7th)

Bass – E (5th)

They already know that if they have the Root or the 5th of the chord that they’ll be singing with a slightly greater dynamic level than the parts singing the 3rd or the 7th. So in addition to working on chorus tuning at home, they’ll also be working on chord balancing.

If all my chorus members actually take 5 minutes a day (being helped along with motivation by ) to work on the six chords I sent out, I think it would be the equivalent of at least an hour’s worth of rehearsal time.

They’ve had the Target Pitches for the first page for a while, and the tuning has actually improved quite dramatically.

The next step is to combine this work with the motivation – for all of us – to do something every single day about the quality of singing and performing.


About janetkidd

I've been waving my arms in front of choirs now for more than 35 years - and these are descriptions of all the very best things I've learned. I direct a Women's Competitive Barbershop Chorus, a Men's Competitive Barbershop Chorus, a Med School choir, and for a few weeks each year - Big Choir (about 100 voices) - which performs at an annual fundraising concert. Hope at least some of these Choral Magic Tricks will be useful to you - and thanks for reading. Janet

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