Magic Choral Tricks Table of Contents from 1 to 202

I’ve had some requests for this:

Magic Choral Tricks

1. The Brass Player Buzz
2. Breathing Through an 8 Foot Straw
3. The ‘Ee’ Vowel
4. Breath of Fire
5. Target Vowels
6. The ‘Ay’ Vowel
7. Learning Sound Files
8. Jin Shin Jyutsu Holding Points
9. The Importance of Knees
10. Elastic Band
11. What You See – subtle weight shift
12. Remembering to Revel
13. The Electric Silence
14. The Nothing vowel
15. The Nothing vowel – one more thing
16. Heading off a cold
17. Central meridian Sweep
18. Zzzzzz
19. Breathing in Through the Vowel
20. Taking the first breath with the choir
21. The Korg Chromatic Tuner
22. Using your new Korg tuner at home
23. Energy Leaks
24. Coaching
25. Cloud Lifting
26. Unison warm up to clean vowels
27. Synchronization – 4X4
28. Snow Globe
29. Synchronization – Basses in Front of Sopranos/Leads
30. Laser Eyes Through the Director’s Head
31. Blending Back to Back
32. Small Sips of Air – the torso as beachball
33. How I Messed Up (1)
34. Warm Air
35. Maintaining Excitement Over a Silent Pause
36. Ear pulls
37. Perfect Staggered Breathing
38. Building up Breathing Capacity
39. Narrow Narrow Narrow
40. Jerry Lewis
41. Choir gigs to run away from (unless the choir really really needs the money)
42. mp3 recordings – self evaluation
43. Word accentuation – Feminine Endings
44. Happy New Singing Year!
45. The Weight Shift Thing Before During and After
46. Directors and Winging It
47. Memorization- backwards
48. Flat out unison tune up
49. Toes Down Through Soles of Shoes
50. Quit Breathing Altogether During Up Tunes
51. Finger in the Cheek
52. Ah visual – whiteboard ‘aw’
53. Inner Smile
54. A Tongue With a Mind of Its Own
55. Singing in Tempo
56. Thinking in Sentences and Phrases
57. Balancing a Major Chord
58. Competition
59. Down the Tiles – the presentation power of a choir singing right at the audience
60. Enlightenment at Choir Practice
61. Getting a Song Into the Voice
62. Fast Quiet Breath – open throat, drop the belly
63. Keep ‘Em Singing
64. FBI
65. Stuff that Directors have Got to Stop Doing
66. Jaw Tension – relax the back teeth – stupid stupid stupid
67. Lip Roll
68. Breathing stuff – is breathing really the problem?
69. Supermarket Singing
70. Evolution of the Short Vowels and Vocal Damage
71. Body Awareness Can Light Up Your Singing and Change Your Life
72. Korg Tuner Jingle Bells
73. Happy Birthday Mr President (Trim Tab)
74. Get the ‘L’ Out of There
75. Isometric Pressure
76. Nerves – Rescue Remedy, Breath of Fire, Jin Shin Jyutsu…
77. The travelling Voice
78. The Days That You Should Not Sing
79. Silent Run Through – individual
80. Silent Singing To Perk Up Presentation
81. Warm Up One Note
82. There’s Something About Singing
83. Vocal ‘catches’ that make you cough
84. Laughing
85. Synchronization Plink
86. Glottal Attacks
87. High Notes
88. Sample Rehearsal Schedule
89. Chord Balancing – minor chord
90. Waste Air
91. One of the ways that less is more
92. Kazoos
93. Sumo Squat
94. Pre-pitch grunting
95. French Teacher ‘eu’ lips
96. Balancing the Half diminished Chord – the Controversy
97. Moustache Hands
98. Speaking Voice Placement
99. From ‘Oo’ to all the other vowels (trumpet lips)
100. Top twelve tricks so far. Brass Buzz, Jin Shin Jyutsu holding points, Breath of fire,
Zzzzzz, Inner Smile, Korg tuner, Laser eyes, Rehearsal schedules, Elastic
Bands, Sumo Squat and Moustache Hands, Toes Down through soles of shoes
101. Telegraphing
102. Breathing Out
103. Balancing the Diminished Chord
104. Why is this chord not working? Arr., bal, vowel, tuning, placement
105. Finding the Climax of the Song
106. Goodness and Niceness
107. Director Snits – Causes and Solutions
108. Cue for Breathing Out
109. The Shuffle – Who Should Stand Where
110. Shoulder Tapping
111. The Voice in Your Head
112. Balancing the Dominant 7th Chord
113. Presentation – The Emotional Story
114. The Tilt of the Chin
115. Hands Up!
116. Legato Painting
117. Adjusting the Vocal Colour
118. Eyebrow Activity
119. Directors’ Fruitless Flailing
120. Tiger Eyes
121. The Video is Our Friend
122. Eyes Closed – Synchronization
123. Enprettification
124. One Baby Step
125. 24 Hours – That’s All this Phrase Has Got
126. The Instructionally Overloaded Singer
127. Driving the Song Forward
128. The Motivation to Improve
129. Enough Time
130. Old Repertoire, Old Singing Habits
131. Training Wheels and Muscle Memory
132. Why We Work So Hard At This
133. Target Pitches
134. Trumpet Lips
135. Palm Push
136. Slow Motion Chords
137. Presentation – Eyes Closed
138. Matching Vocal and Visual Dynamics
139. Marking Formed and Unformed Vowels On the Sheet Music
140. Many Hands, Light Work
141. How Narrow? Whistle Narrow
142. Head Voice, Chest Voice and that Flippy Spot
143. Rehearsing the Chorus for Onstage Nerves
144. Stance – Better Sound, Better Presentation
145. When Less (Directing) is Much More
146. He Shall Feed His Flock Dame Edna
147. Listening For Noise
148. Visual Noise
149. Lip Ring
150. The Fast Silent Breath
151. The Great Irony About Competition
152. Fast Breaths and Forward Motion
153. The Case For Duetting
154. Easy Music
155. Time To Smell the Roses
156. Playing With Resonance
157. When Choreo and Sound Fight – Choreo Always Wins
158. When the Presentation Works
159. Harmonic Series 101
160. Expanded Sound
161. This Is Show Business
162. What You Always Do, You Always Do
163. More About Standing Arrangement
164. Visual Cue for a Tall ee Vowel
165. The Director’s Coterie
166. Saving the Chorus
167. Sergeant at Arms
168. The Most Thankless Choir Job
169. The Curse of a Great Acoustic
170. Singable Consonants
171. Perfect Diphthongs
172. Developing a Choir’s Spidey Senses
173. Christmas in July
174. Mezzo Forte Technique
175. Creation and Analysis – Two Different Processes
176. Clench the Teeth and Perk Up the Tempo
177. The Chordasm
178. The Music Team
179. Cranking up the Voice for the New Choir Season
180. Syncopated Rhythms
181. The Big Barbershop Ending
182. Too Late to Fix It
183. Long Tones
184. Ditching emotional baggage – Ghost Fingers
185. Constant Vocalization
186. The Bass Freight Train
187. For Directors – When We Get Stuck
188. Consider the Back Story
189. Great Ape Pendulum Arms
190. The Unconscious Upward Slide Into the Pitch
191. More on the Exorcism of And and The
192. Choreography – Rehearsing With a Metronome
193. Performing-Type Listening
194. Choir Practice as Experience of the Sacred
195. Preventing Fainting
196. The R Vowel
197. VLQs
198. Three /Four Time – Basic Rule of Thumb
199. Fruitless Grousing
200. Big Clean Sound (A Short Course)
201. Spinning the Sound
202. When You’re Not There, You’re Missed

About janetkidd

I've been waving my arms in front of choirs now for more than 35 years - and these are descriptions of all the very best things I've learned. I direct a Women's Competitive Barbershop Chorus, a Men's Competitive Barbershop Chorus, a Med School choir, and for a few weeks each year - Big Choir (about 100 voices) - which performs at an annual fundraising concert. Hope at least some of these Choral Magic Tricks will be useful to you - and thanks for reading. Janet

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