Magic Choral Trick #241 A Reminder About FBI

At my Men’s Barbershop chorus rehearsal the other night they sang through ‘I Believe’ and it was perfectly adequate.

Then I asked them to sing it again, but this time with FBI (Full Body Involvement) on every single breath – and oh my! What a huge difference! So much more power, intensity and apparent emotional involvement. A rip snorter of a performance!

If your goal is a wall of exciting sound, this (combined with synchronization, and clean vowel techniques) is what you’re looking for.

When the whole body is involved, there is much more physical energy available to every singer.

The intake of every single breath needs to involve the entire body – as an expression of the text. The amount of actual movement will of course be dictated by the presentation plan, but generally we could all use at least 5 times as much movement. The only time I’ve ever asked for less movement was when singers were using hand gestures instead of FBI. Then I’ve asked for less hands, more body.

In addition to the richer, more committed sound, the presentation is more exciting for your audience – and more thrilling for the singers.


About janetkidd

I've been waving my arms in front of choirs now for more than 35 years - and these are descriptions of all the very best things I've learned. I direct a Women's Competitive Barbershop Chorus, a Men's Competitive Barbershop Chorus, a Med School choir, and for a few weeks each year - Big Choir (about 100 voices) - which performs at an annual fundraising concert. Hope at least some of these Choral Magic Tricks will be useful to you - and thanks for reading. Janet

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