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Not a Magic Choral Trick – just a proud moment

This was a concert performance on October 25th by a bunch of my family members who live in Ottawa. (My Sister, one of my Brothers, 2 Sisters in Law, one Brother in Law, four Nephews, two Nieces and my Parents)

The Kings Singers arrangement of Rossini’s Barber of Seville Overture.

The two nonagenarians are my parents

Magic Choral Trick #348 Directors: Good Coaching Makes This So Much More Fun!!

This weekend many of my Harmony Incorporated friends are getting together in Verona NY for the annual International Contest and Convention. Unfortunately my women’s chorus and I are missing it because we just couldn’t seem to make the finances work this year.

But I’d still like to acknowledge the event.

The regional and international competitions are where we’ve met so many of the wonderful coaches who have taught us, and taught me so much.

Someone was asking me the other day why I never lose my temper in any of my chorus or choir rehearsals. The truth is that 40, well perhaps even 25 years ago I used to. I realize now that my snits were a direct result of not knowing the right trick to solve a particular problem.

I thought that the problem was that my singers were unreliable, or not committed enough, or disrespectful, or just untrainable. The real problem was that I was missing pieces of the puzzle.

Every coach, with whom we’ve had the privilege of working in these last 22 years of my belonging to Harmony Incorporated, has taught me something special and something precious.

And all this input and information has led to increasingly more outrageous levels of rehearsal fun!

What is so wonderful is that all my singing groups, not just my Barbershop ones, now benefit from all these years of brilliant coaching by wonderful directors and coaches from both Harmony Incorporated and the Barbershop Harmony Society.

And so this weekend I would like to publicly acknowledge all the wonderful Barbershoppers – the singers, directors, coaches and judges I know who’ve given me the wonderful gift of their time, their attention and their expertise.

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