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Magic Choral Trick #372 – Repeat of #295 Five Steps to Becoming a Better Chorus Singer This Year.

I sat down to write a new one of these – but realized that all of this is still valid. And since it’s buried almost 100 posts deep, I thought reposting it might be useful….

1. Use technology. Record yourself – then listen to the recording and assess what you could be doing better. Like our speaking voices, our singing never sounds the way we think it does – so we don’t know what we’re working with until we hear ourselves recorded. Please try not to be discouraged – almost nobody likes what they hear initially when they first record themselves. Work regularly with your Korg Chromatic Tuner and Care about improving your ability to sing in tune, and in time.

2. Do some vocal technique – even 5 – 10 minutes every day. Legato exercises on one clean target vowel at a time – something simple, like half scales, up and down:
C D E F G F E D C, then D flat E flat F G flat A flat G flat F E flat D flat, then D E F# G A G F# E D…
Also – recognize that your body is your instrument, and treat it well.

3. When you’re given learning tools – learning sound files, or choreography notes or video – please, please, please, please use them.

4. When you have a concern or complaint, mention it ONLY to someone who can do something about it. Dissent about even relatively minor things can infect a chorus quickly, even fatally, if complaints are passed around from one willing ear to the next – with no intent to follow up and fix the problem. It takes courage to actually take steps to shift this mindset – and to take an issue directly to the person assigned to handling that facet of chorus life. Practise your bravery (Thanks to my sister Maeve for this phrase, which she invented to encourage her sons)

5. Give more of yourself than is expected, and your chorus experience will be richer than you expected.

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