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Magic Choral Trick #200 Big Clean Sound (A Short Course)

I’ve selected 38 of my past posts as a short course on having your choir develop a Big Clean Sound.

Here are the categories, and here are the posts:

Physical Stuff

Breath of Fire

Brass Player Buzz

Moustache Hands

Lip Ring

Harmonic Series 101

Head Voice, Chest Voice and that Flippy Spot

Clean up the Vowels

Target Vowels

Marking Formed and Unformed Vowels

The R Vowel

Long Tones

Expanded Sound

Visual Cue for a Tall ee Vowel


When the physical stuff (above) is correct, when the chorus is using absolutely in tune learning sound files and when the vowels are cleaned up, many of the tuning problems will just go away. However, a little Bio Feedback with a Korg Tuner will also make a huge difference.

Korg Chromatic Tuner

Target Pitches

Legato Line and Ends of Phrases

Elastic Bands

Great Ape Pendulum Arms

Cloud Lifting

Toes Down Through the Soles of the Shoes

Palm Push


The Bass Freight Train


This is Show Business

Presentation – The Emotional Story

Visual Noise

Eyebrow Activity

Presentation – Eyes Closed

Matching Vocal and Visual Dynamics

Silent Singing To Perk Up Presentation



Choir Practice as Experience of the Sacred

Developing a Choir’s Spidey Senses


For Directors – When We Get Stuck

Director Snits – Causes and Solutions

Why is this chord not working?

The Case For Duetting

Keep ‘Em Singing

The Electric Silence

Hire a Coach at least once a year!

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