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Magic Choral Trick #318 Resisting (or not) the Urge to Be Hilarious

In addition to my own choirs’ rehearsals these days, I’ve been singing soprano in my husband’s choir which will be performing Messiah next week.

Man O Man! As much as I contribute musically, you would not want me in your choir.

Just can’t seem to keep my mouth shut when he cuts us off. I’m so giddy about not being the one in charge that I feel the irrepressible urge to find the humour in everything.

There must be about 50 in the choir, and the sopranos are at the back, and there’s an orchestra between my husband and the choir– so I’m not sure he even knows how badly a few of us are behaving.

Or perhaps having been a back row singer in other choirs himself, I know he understands the burning desire for hilarity.

But when we’re about to start, the focus is palpable.

I’m thinking that perhaps it’s because we’re all giving the singing part our most intense focus (during a three hour rehearsal) that we really need the stress relieving humour during the non singing moments.

Regardless, I’m grateful for my soprano compatriots’ passion for making great music, and for their hilarity.

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