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Magic Choral Trick #232 Cheek Wings of the Mind

Cheek Wings ( ) make such a huge difference to the quality of a chorus’ sound that my singers often lament that it’s too bad that it wouldn’t make a very convincing choreography move.

But then I remembered the Soviet athletes in the days when they used to dominate the Olympics. That’s when we all first heard about visualization techniques and how they can make a remarkable difference in our physical skills.

So now, after I ask any of my groups to sing for a while using Cheek Wings, I then get them to use only one hand, but to imagine that both hands are in place.

The next step is to remember as clearly as possible exactly what it feels like when both hands are in position.

Then finally, I ask them to sing while imagining and recreating the feeling of having the back edges of both hands in place (pinky fingers tucked under the cheekbones, and the heels of the hands at the corners of the mouth.)

The more clearly they imagine this feeling – the closer the sound is to what was created when they were actually using the physical hand position.

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