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Magic Choral Trick #211 Cheek Wings

Sing a phrase or two and notice how the singing feels and sounds.

Now put both hands out in front of you – palms up, hands flat – in line with your forearms (as if both hands and both forearms were resting on a table top.)

Fingers together.

Bend the elbows until you can place the outsides of your pinky fingers against your cheeks – just under the cheek bones. (Hands and forearms are still aligned.)

Your palms should now be aimed down/back at your shoulders. And the outside edges of your hands should make a diagonal line from your cheekbones to the corners of your mouth.

Cheek Wings.

Now sing the phrases again, and note how it feels.

The other night I asked my women’s chorus to sing like this for a while. Huge difference in the amount and quality of sound!

Next I asked them to take one hand down, and try to duplicate the feeling that they experienced when using two hands. Still great sound.

And of course, the last step is to take both Cheek Wings away, and maintain the physical changes brought about by this trick. It was pretty close. And it was the first time we’d tried it.

Haven’t a clue why this makes such a big difference – but we’re going to keep using Cheek Wings until whatever it is that happens becomes muscle memory.

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