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Magic Choral Trick #244 Cheekbones Up

For all the literal minded souls reading this, I know that it’s generally considered impossible to move the cheekbones. Guess that’s what makes this magic.

When you think to yourself “Cheekbones Up”, something happens to the whole structure of your face. There’s more resonating space in the throat because the soft palate rises; suddenly you look moderately interested in what you’re doing (always endearing from the audience’s perspective); and as a bonus, the sinuses feel clearer – almost like having one of those Breathe Right strips on your nose.

Just as smiling will make you feel more cheerful, Cheekbones Up will begin to take over your state of mind, and make it more positive.

And for those of us starting to freak out about such things, it also makes you look a little younger.

The tricky part here is, as with any postural/positioning technique, to make it a habit. Try wearing an elastic band around your wrist, and every time you notice it, lift the cheekbones.

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