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Magic Choral Trick #194 Choir Practice as Experience of the Sacred

A Mythology teacher I know recently sent his class outside to document places on the campus that they considered sacred.

I met a member of Big Choir in the grocery store who said to me about the previous night’s rehearsal, “It really is a sacred time”.

All of which made me realize that if people are spontaneously having experiences that feel like sacred moments, it may be possible to extend this group feeling of expansion, and heightened sensitivity simply by being aware of it.

Certainly we all feel it when a chord is so wonderful we wish it didn’t have to end. We find it in the perfectly crafted line, the stunning tuning, the powerful surge of a crescendo that takes on a life of its own, the silence before the applause, or the exuberance of a bass line that propels us on.

But is excellence actually a pre-requisite? What I have found is that the only thing that’s required for a group to experience the sacred is the intention to work as a unit in this moment, in this moment, in this moment…

When this happens, excellence becomes a by product. And the striving for excellence has really just been a tool for pointing us towards the sacred.

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