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Magic Choral Trick #212 Choirs and Social Consciousness

Not really a trick – more of a side effect.

There are two things that choirs love to do. Sing and eat. And both of these are a celebration of community.

So it’s really no surprise that some sort of community outreach should follow.

Tonight my women’s Barbershop chorus had our Christmas dinner party, and though not much was said about it, over $700 was raised, and a mountain of hats and mittens was collected for the local soup kitchen.

Every Harmony Inc. Barbershop chorus in North America raises funds for autism.

Last year Big Choir raised more than $1000 spontaneously in one evening for one of the show’s participants who was in need.

The Med School choir I direct donated half of their recent concert’s proceeds to the fund raising campaign for our local hospital.

There seems to be some sort of connection between singing together and kindness, outreach and concern for each other.

In these times when our news media is bringing us daily doses of the horrific, there’s comfort in knowing that groups of people all over the world are getting together every week to sing, and to experience joy – then doing what they can to give some of that joy and kindness to their communities.

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