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Magic Choral Trick #173 Christmas in July

Here’s how my Choral fall usually happens.

Official rehearsals start at the beginning of September, but usually it’s closer to the end of September when the whole chorus or choir actually shows up for rehearsal.

A couple of performance requests – so we’re working on regular repertoire. A little bit of review of old Christmas stuff – but no intensive rehearsal.

My women’s chorus is going away in November to our organization’s International Competition, so that will entail some very high level work on our contest songs.

Then the women get back from competition, and suddenly it’s the middle of November, and the requests for Christmas performances for all my groups start pouring in.

Christmas is probably the time of greatest public exposure for both my Barbershop choruses and my Med school choir – and it always sneaks up on us suddenly.

So this year, one of the Leads in my women’s chorus – who thinks much further ahead than I do – is hosting a Christmas in July party. Even though we’ve been officially off for the summer since mid June, we’ll be hauling our Christmas binders over to her house to sing through all of our current Christmas repertoire. This way, the new people get a chance get to at least get a feel for the songs before they’re thrown to the wolves in mid November.

This also gives us a chance to revive the repertoire that wasn’t quite ready last year, to ditch the stuff we’re tired of, and to give everyone a heads up about any new Christmas songs arriving in September.

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