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Magic Choral Trick #58 Competition

The Magic of a Barbershop competition/convention gets under your skin.

Where else can you meet hundreds of other people who care as passionately as you do about tuning, ringing locked in chords, phrasing, synchronization and riveting performances – whether the songs are ballads or up tunes.

In competition, choruses are marked by six judges – two from each category: Singing, Presentation and Music (who judge how well you take what’s on the paper and make it come alive.)

And every year you hope and pray that all the hard work your chorus has done has improved these three scores enough to move you up at least one place in the standings. And every year you are amazed by how much all the other choruses have improved since the last competition.

But what is perhaps the most magical of all is the camaraderie when people who love their music making to be larger than life all get a chance to mill around the hotel singing with people they’ve only just met. And swap stories, and laugh together, and listen to each other sing till well on into the night.

I love these events because we get glimpses – from either the judges, or other choruses – of what’s possible, of what we might never have thought of before, and of what would make what we do even more fun.

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