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Magic Choral Trick #185 Constant Vocalization

The Men’s Barbershop Harmony Society is having an Operation Harold Hill (Music Man reference) membership drive these days. And Wavebox Singing – a program by Paul Ellinger is part of this.

One of the points in his Wavebox Singing presentation shows us how to check for Constant Vocalization in any line.

Teaching singing groups about legato line, and coaching them in the art of producing the solid wall of continuous sound has always been difficult.

But Paul, with one simple little trick has suddenly made this a lot easier.

Just above where the two sides of the collarbone meet – right in the middle at the base of your neck is a small hollow.

As you sing, touch this spot very lightly with one or two fingers.

As long as smooth, legato sound is happening, this little spot puffs up a bit and stays still. You can feel the vibration of the sound, but there are no little bumps against the fingers. When the sound is uneven, you can feel this slightly bumpy movement. And when you stop vocalizing, (to breathe) the spot once again becomes hollow.

When I’ve been trying this, I find that legato singing happens when I focus on maintaining the pressure of this spot against my fingers.

Thank you Paul Ellinger.

And thanks to Rob from Men of Fundy for bringing this to my attention

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