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Magic Choral Trick #179 Cranking up the Voice for the New Choir Season

Thought I’d sit down at the piano tonight and sing through a couple of things – and yep, it felt like my September voice.

After taking a break for the summer, it felt a little tight and sounded a bit thin. My voice was also not sitting in quite the right place, which meant I had virtually no stamina. Even though I wasn’t in the mood to do any technique or warming up, I did do a little Zzzzzzing and that definitely helped. ( )

Singing with a voice that’s seriously out of shape isn’t much fun – just as walking up hills with a body that’s seriously out of shape is also not fun. But in both cases, it’s quite possible to turn it around within a couple of weeks just by making a time for a short, daily workout.

Fortunately, your singing workout can happen in the shower, in your car, or as you cook supper. Just a few technique exercises on Zzzzz, then on each of the 5 formed vowels – every day – should make enough of a difference that you’ll have nothing to be embarrassed about at that first choir practice. (Fear of public humiliation was always my strongest motivator for practising.)

And even if you’re excited about your choir’s upcoming performance of Messiah, or Bach’s B minor Mass, it’s probably a good idea to work up gradually to the vocal demands of that first rehearsal – and resist the temptation to go screaming through the entire thing right now.

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