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Magic Choral Trick #108 Cue for Breathing Out

Ok – here’s what worked last night with my women’s Barbershop chorus.

I needed a cue for Breathing Out (post #102) that didn’t involve shouting “Breathe Out!!!” while they were singing – though that does work. As does running towards them while sweeping my arms up and towards the chorus.

These are not great options from a performance standpoint.

Because every one of them watches me with Laser Eyes, (post #30) I realized that I could get away with something more subtle. Like puffing my cheeks and blowing out a thin stream of air – as if I were blowing out a candle.

That worked – especially when I combined it with a much, much smaller version of the running and gathering the wind from beside me and whooshing it towards the chorus. I didn’t run, and the whoosh was tiny.

The chorus sounded incredibly blended, and about double the size.

I think we’re onto something here. I think that with all the different ‘support to the end of the phrase’ techniques we’ve finally managed to reach every subset of the chorus. When absolutely everyone understands what to do, the chorus improves by multiples of the amount of improvement in each singer’s technique.

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