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Magic Choral Trick #365 Trust

I had a new experience in this last Women’s Barbershop competition.

Thanks to the terrific choreography created for us by Theresa Weatherbee ( ) it was necessary for me to relinquish all control of my chorus for almost all of our uptempo number.

And while the first layer of relinquishing control appears to be about trusting my chorus to execute the plan without my guidance, the deeper level as I experienced it was having to trust that I had done everything in my power to prepare them to fly unfettered by a director.

It’s almost exactly like learning to trust your kids. They think that it’s about me trusting them – but in reality, the question I’m asking myself is “Did I do at least an adequate job of being a Mum to prepare them for what’s going to come their way?”

And just as it has always brought me joy when my kids were able to be magnificent all on their own, so too it was an exhilarating feeling when my chorus was able to be fabulous without me!

In fact, for me it was just plain fun – because I got to be a front row dancer again!!

Of course, since then I’ve seen the video and am aware of how much more we could be doing.

But for now I’m ready to revel in the experience of having trusted not only my chorus – but also the work that I’d done to prepare them.

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