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Magic Choral Trick #184 Ditching Emotional Baggage – Ghost Fingers

Singing works best when the body is relaxed and comfortable. And when something is worrying, annoying, frightening or saddening us, it’s tough for the body to be comfortable.

Suffering is always less when we can manage to stay conscious of the present moment, and there are many ways to do this – but I really like Ghost Fingers – especially when it’s done right after Snow Globe.

Close your eyes and see if you can locate where the upset that’s bugging you is sitting in your body. Quite often, a sense of being burdened will be felt in the upper chest, fear may be felt in the solar plexus area and a frantic feeling of being unable to cope may be tightening the neck and shoulders.

1. Try to ‘see’ your upset as a mass of grey yucky stuff.

2. Ask yourself what level of suffering you’re at. Zero being not suffering at all, and 10 being that its unbearable. Take whatever number comes immediately into your mind.

3. Place both palms – fingers slightly apart – against the body, wherever the grey gunk is sitting.

4. Imagine Ghost Fingers from your hands passing through the skin, and right in to the grey mass. Then very kindly, and gently, separate out all the grey yucky stuff. Keep moving it apart with your Ghost Fingers until it becomes a mist.

5. When it becomes a mist, say out loud: “You’re just an energy form. Which way would you like to leave my body?”

6. The mist will begin to move. Follow it with your physical hands until it leaves the body. Sometimes the mist will travel upwards, sometimes downwards and sometimes straight out – but it will move.

7. When the mist is gone, ask yourself again about your level of suffering. It should be less.

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