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Magic Choral Trick #10 Elastic Bands

This is another trick that helps get rid of that huge bête noire in the lives of choral directors – the flaccid phrase ending.

Issue every singer an elastic band. In one of my choruses I have a singer who is allergic to latex, so I had to buy the hypoallergenic non latex kind.

Have them sing though a section of a song the way they usually do. Right away have them repeat the same section – but at the end of every phrase – where you want more energy – show them when to stretch the elastic band (pull hands apart – with a movement like pulling the air into an accordion)

You’ll be pleased

I always keep a supply of (non-latex) elastic bands on hand. Even the process of handing them out can add excitement to your rehearsal.

Note: These should be avoided if you have a boys’ choir. Even fully grown men have been known to misbehave with these.

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