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Magic Choral Trick #99 From ‘Oo’ To Every Other Vowel

Just in case anyone missed the information that a resonant sound needs to be created through a narrow shape, Katie Taylor – our coach for the weekend, reminded my women’s chorus that ‘oo’ is a great starting point for any vowel.

If you want to find the correct placement and ease for an ‘ee’ vowel, sing ‘oo’ then, changing as little as possible about the shape, sing the ‘ee’.

Then try:

‘oo’ – ‘ay’ (or eh…

‘oo’ – ‘oh’

‘oo’ – ‘ah’

‘oo’ – ‘ih’

‘oo’ – ‘uh’

Katie’s version of the French Teacher ‘eu’ was ‘oo’ with Trumpet Lips. This description seems to work well for many of the women in my chorus.

It’s so wonderful for me to have a coach come in and reinforce the concepts that I’ve been teaching. However, even more wonderful is having a coach say the same thing in a different way – so that the chorus members who hadn’t quite grasped what I was talking about, hear it in another way, and this time understand it.

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