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Magic Choral Trick #61 Getting a Song Into the Voice

Sometimes when you sing a song through for the first time it feels as if it’s sort of sticking, or getting vocally jammed up in places. It doesn’t feel easy, and as if it’s just singing itself.

This is how I work on that.

1. Make sure that you’re already warmed up vocally

2. Sing a couple of phrases (or the whole song) through on an angry wasp type Zzzzzz

3. Sing these same phrases (or the whole song) all the way through on ‘ee’ – then on ‘ay’, ‘oo’, ‘oh’ and ‘ah’, but between each of these vowels stop singing and do the Brass Player Buzz (Important! – Post #1 on this blog)

4. Just for good measure, try singing the phrases to a neutral vowel – the Nothing Vowel

5. Speak the lyrics as if you were performing them in a play – and rehearse until the words flow easily.

6. Put music and lyrics together, and the whole thing should feel much easier.

7. Remember to take in more air than you need, and then waste it (Sip in Air Through Eight Foot Straw – Post #2 on this blog)

So here’s the flow chart:

Warm up – Zzzzzz – ee – Buzz – ay – Buzz – oo – Buzz – oh – Buzz – ah – Buzz – Nothing Vowel – Buzz – Speak Lyrics – Speak Lyrics – Speak Lyrics – Take in more air than you need (Straw thingy) and waste it while you sing music and lyrics together.

That should do it

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