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Magic Choral Trick #230 Giant Beach Ball Breath

Arms out almost to the sides – and curved, as if holding a giant beach ball.

Picture the amount of air on the inside of that beach ball.

Now breathe in that amount of air, while still holding your arms in beach ball holding position.

Sing. Waste all the air before taking another Giant Beach Ball Breath.

You’ll find that when you visualize breathing in this amount of air – it’s so much, that the throat opens right up, and the breath is silent. The open throats will also help the choir’s sound.

Most of us spend most of our lives under-using this readily available source of energy.

As with testing out any of these techniques, try having your group sing a phrase or two of a song (without mentioning this), then give them the GBBB instructions, and listen to see what it does for the sound.

Even if your chorus sings well enough that this doesn’t make a huge difference to the sound, it will improve the amount of oxygen intake – so will make everyone feel more awake and alive, and mentally sharper.

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