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Magic Choral Trick #255 Hand Signal for a Tall Throat

Directors – here’s another one for you.

Because a raised palate – or Tall Throat – is not yet a habit for most of my chorus members, they need frequent reminders.

I needed a hand signal to communicate this during both rehearsals and performances. It needed to be subtle enough that the audience wouldn’t see it – but obvious enough that the chorus would catch it and adjust.

I use my left thumb and index finger – as if I were holding the ends of a toothpick. Then I place thumb and index finger against my throat. (By the way – the other left hand fingers are curled so that the view of the thumb and index finger is not obstructed)

If the audience’s attention isn’t going to be drawn to the move it needs to be fairly fleeting – and preferable while the right hand is directing in the same vicinity.

Of course, it helps when the chorus has everything memorized and is free to rivet their attention upon my every gesture.

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