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Magic Choral Trick #92 Kazoos

Last fall my women’s chorus decided to rise to the challenge of recording a song for CBC’s Weekend Morning – on kazoos.

CBC even sent us the 40 or so kazoos.

After a few times through ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’, we recorded the song and sent it off. But we kept the kazoos – which have now been added to our arsenal of technical tools.

What makes this such an effective rhythmic synchronization tool is the fact that in order to ‘play’ the kazoo you need to use the sound ‘doo’ with quite an emphasis on the ‘d’. The kazoo itself is so loud that it’s obvious when people aren’t lining up rhythmically.

The other benefit to this is that both the ‘d’ and the ‘oo’, when sung this aggressively, bring the sound forward in the mouth.

Just for fun, try having the chorus sing a phrase, kazoo the same phrase, then sing it again. You should notice a brighter sound.

If for some reason it makes very little difference to your chorus, at least you’ll have had a few laughs. Guaranteed.

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