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Magic Choral Trick #72 Korg Tuner Jingle Bells

Turn on your Korg Chromatic Tuner. (Or your online chromatic tuner)

You can either mess around with your voice until the letter in the upper right hand corner of your screen says ‘E’ – or use the Sound button, and keep pressing it until it plays an ‘E’ for you. I usually turn the tuner off then, once I’ve heard the note, then turn it back on. With my tuner, the note will just keep sounding unless I turn off the device.

When the tuner is turned back on, sing these notes below, and keep checking both the name of the note in the upper right corner of the screen, and how consistently you’re able to keep the green light lit. Take heart – if you’re able to keep the green light on for more than one second, you’re doing very well. The red ‘sharp’ and ‘flat’ lights may go a bit nuts, but try to keep the green light on.

Sing these notes (very slow Jingle Bells)


Take your time.

Sing through the notes on one vowel, then again on a different one. Some vowels will be more successful for you than others.

Experiment with mouth shape, amount of air being used and with volume.

Try singing the words (Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way)

Please don’t get discouraged! This is pretty tricky.

If everyone in a chorus or choir was improving their tuning just a little bit each week it would make a huge difference to the group in only a short time.

If you get tired of these notes above – but still love Jingle Bells…..

D D D D D D D F Bflat C D

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