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Magic Choral Trick #243 Leadership with Integrity

Whether you were hired, elected or simply dragged into a leadership role, great things are expected of you.

You were asked to lead because someone saw something in you that was needed and wanted by the group. Meeting, and even surpassing those expectations is your job.

Here are some ground rules for Leadership with Integrity.

1. Do no harm.

2. Keep your word.

3. However, from time to time we mess up. When we make mistakes, they need to be acknowledged immediately – then cleaned up – fast.

4. Your vision must be in alignment with what the group needs and wants. The highest good of the group is what guides everything you say and do. Listen to what the group is saying.

5. Keep your word.

6. Know that everyone is dealing with tough stuff in their lives – and though it’s not necessary to know all the details – you need to stay alert. Some gentle ribbing that might be fine at one rehearsal might be far too much for someone at another. (If this happens, clean it up asap)

7. Your word is who you are. Keep it.

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