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Magic Choral Trick #281 Mooing Your Way to Legato

Two weeks ago my Women’s chorus was fortunate to be chosen to be guinea pigs in a short Skype coaching venture with singing judge and coach, Lynn Randall.

And while Skype as a coaching medium is not optimal, she was able to give us some great suggestions – like Mooing. We’ve been using this trick now for a couple of weeks, and it’s working well – especially in uptempo songs where a smooth legato line is more difficult to maintain.

Very simple.

Start by singing a phrase or two to a very tall, lots of space in the throat, smooth ‘Oo’

The synchronization will not be as clean as it should be – so that’s where adding the M comes in. Now sing those same phrases to Moo Moo Moo – keeping the same tall ‘Oo’ feeling. Have everyone focus on remembering what the Mooing feels like.

Now sing it again to the lyrics so that it has the same sort of feel as the Mooing.

It’ll be more legato, there’ll be fewer energy leak holes (the places where great chords die) and the synchronization will be much better.

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