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Magic Choral Trick #303 Heartstring Pull

Here’s a new trick I thought up the other day as I was remembering the pullstring on a talking doll I once had. I actually came across a Barbie once – in Italy – who, when you pulled the cord on the back of her neck said “Math is hard”. Nuff said.

Imagine that you have a cord like this, but that you can pull it out and away from yourself – from the middle of your chest. You need to really feel the resistance in order for this trick to work.

Now, every time you sing an emotion word that evokes something a little more intense, like ‘heart’ or ‘pain’, pull this cord out and away from yourself for the full duration of the note.

I found when I tried this with my women’s chorus the other night that they sang the word with more emotion, and more artistry while they were pulling the cord.

Asking a group for more emotion on a particular word invites some singers to accent the note, and others to swoop up into the pitch. This eliminates both problems. With this action, we’re bypassing the conscious mind (where all the small highly personalized decisions are made) and speaking directly to the Limbic Brain.

Of course this will need to be drilled for a while because like so many other physical tricks, we can’t use it on stage. Unless of course, you’re a small group from my men’s chorus who entertained us all at a party by performing a song using as many of my Magic Choral Trick actions as they could.

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