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Magic Choral Trick #124 One Baby Step

Once upon a time before I realized that I was a truly useless salesperson I used to drive around listening to Multi Level Marketing coaching tapes in my car.

One of my all time favourites was a Time Management tape that gave me a great tip about creating positive changes in my life. They suggested that I draw a wheel, and have the spokes of the wheel be the things I wanted in life.

The next step was to decide which of these was the easiest to begin working on, and give that task top priority every day. It could be a very simple thing – like wanting to be healthier. If I decide that eating more green vegetables would point me in this direction, then I make eating green vegetables every single day a priority.

If I follow through and do this every single day for a week, I will feel the satisfaction of having kept my word, I will feel successful and I may even feel healthier.

Now instead of merely working on green veggies, I’ve probably also kicked started some of my other goals that I’ve named as spokes of the wheel.

You may be asking how this relates to choirs.

I decided about ten years ago that one of the spokes on the wheel for my women’s Barbershop chorus was that I wanted them to sing with matched vowels. Every rehearsal for almost a year I included some work on matching the vowel ‘ee’.

What I discovered was that when we matched just that one vowel, the blend, the balance, the tuning and the quality of singing improved a little. In other words, by just focusing on one small part of the plan, the entire plan shifted and everything got better.

So the moral of this story is that even if you’re completely overwhelmed by the number of things I’ve been suggesting for the last five months – if you choose just one thing and stick with that, I think you’ll notice some of the other good things happening too.

To quote one of my favourite MLM tapes, “All you can do is all you can do – but all you can do is enough.”

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