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Magic Choral Trick #220 Our Toddler Minds

I think that the next great leap forward in evolution will happen when we can get our attention span past the toddler phase.

I know that I, for one, suffer from ADOS (Attention Deficit Oooooh Shiny!)

But I’m not alone.

Keeping our minds on one conscious path is very much like taking a two year old for a walk to the corner store. She’s very willing to go with you – but will stop and examine rocks and caterpillars. She’ll want to go up and down everyone’s front steps. She’ll ask if you can sit for a while on the curb to rest – after about one block of walking. And when you’re nearly there, she’ll insist on going home.

Directors – knowing that we’re just as distractible as our singers is a valuable piece of information. We need a plan, so that there’s something to remind us of what we wanted to accomplish when our minds start to meander and we’re tempted to digress, and kibitz and just be one of the gang. Disciplined, fast paced rehearsals are actually a lot of fun – and will leave everyone feeling energized at the end of the evening.

And singers – please be aware that because our minds’ evolutionary stage is still in the toddler phase, there’s a lot of inanity there – in everyone’s mind. But that doesn’t mean that it all needs to be shared in a running commentary. The more we can focus as a group on a specific task, the more excitement we’ll feel, and the more real value can be created.

And that’s why we do this.

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