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Magic Choral Trick #289 Helium Head

Stand normally.

Imagine that your head is filled with Helium – or if you can’t get past what that might do to your voice – that there’s a large helium balloon attached to the crown of your head.

As you imagine your head being lifted, allow the head to float upwards. If you keep imagining the balloon lifting you, you’ll feel the stretch, and the release of tension in the neck and shoulders, then the elongation in the spine.

If you stay with this physical image for awhile, then allow yourself to sink down into ‘normal’ position, you get an idea of toll that gravity, and life’s disillusionments have taken on our posture.

All by itself this one improves the colour and depth of the sound – but in combination with ‘Toes and Rose’ it makes a powerful pre-first note ritual. Keeping in mind that audiences listen about 50% with their eyes, this grouping of habits will have them impressed even before the first chord rings out.

(Here’s Toes and Rose)

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