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Magic Choral Trick #233. Power Poses – Rich Sound

I was watching a TED talk by Amy Cuddy (“Your body language shapes who you are” – link below) and started thinking about how feeling powerful changes the quality of our singing – since singing tells such a clear story about our inner state.

Ms Cuddy says that just two minutes a day of standing in a power pose will make us feel more powerful. The power pose that I chose to experiment with was the Wonder Woman Stance – or for guys I guess we could call it the Overlord Stance.

Feet planted, shoulder width apart and hands in fists, on the hips.

Actually, in the experimentation with two of my choruses I had them slide their fists about 2 inches further around to the back, rather than right at their sides. This opens and raises the chest a bit more, which is always good for singing.

I had them sing a bit, then repeat the same phrases while standing in the Wonder Woman/Overlord Stance.

Bigger, fuller, richer sound – and more blended.

In my personal experimentation with this stance I’ve noticed that I feel more magnanimous – which, for a director is a trait worth developing.

So Amy Cuddy – thank you!

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