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Magic Choral Trick #214 Refreshing the Thought

In contemporary culture, not much is expected of our minds. A diagnosis of ADD isn’t really necessary any more, because now we all have it. Anything that isn’t shiny or flashy or sensational enough quickly causes our attention to roam.

I don’t think we were actually conscious of this as it was happening. We just woke up one day and noticed that very little that we watched or read made us have to use our brain muscles.

There’s a huge opportunity here to stand out in a crowd. If you’re the only one with a functional mind, you’ll be noticed, and appreciated.

A great place to start training the mind is with your vocal technique exercises.

Most singers will think of the vowel they’re about to sing, start the exercise, then never give the vowel another thought.

When you rethink the vowel at several points during the exercise, not only are you training, and learning to control your mind, but the vowel will be clearer and more focused. When the vowel is really clean, the sound is much more resonant.

Refreshing the thought of the vowel does not come naturally. It’s something that needs to be practised and drilled every day. And your mind will object. It’ll suddenly think up other terribly important things that it needs you to know, and chatter on about these things as you’re trying to sing.

Being the grown up and showing your mind who’s boss – and refreshing only the thoughts you’ve chosen to think will greatly improve the clarity and tone of your voice, and will ultimately help you along the path to mental peace.

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