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Magic Choral Trick #12 Remembering to revel in the moment

Last night as I was directing Big Choir (the 100 voice Tracy Friars Celebration concert choir) I suddenly remembered to revel.

We were in the build up to the last big ‘Christ is the Lord’ in O Holy Night when I suddenly realized how much I love doing what I do – and how much I love the huge, inspirational, soul nourishing conversations that happen when choir of 100 is singing its heart out right through me to a packed house. Not sure there’s any way to express this incredibly moving experience.

For some reason unknown to my conscious mind I just stopped directing and stood there grinning like an idiot, which for some crazy reason – maybe because the choir suddenly took complete ownership of the song – ratcheted up the energy in the room to a place it had never been before. I began directing again in time for ‘Christ is the Lord’ but by this point the choir was doing all the work and I was remembering to stay in revel mode.

Hard to imagine a job that’s more fun than what I do!

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