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Magic Choral Trick #201 Spinning the Sound

May have had a huge breakthrough last night with my men’s chorus.

I used one of Jim Henry’s (Barbershop Harmony Society – Ambassadors of Harmony) kinesiology tricks.

Same motion as the basketball ref signal for travelling, but rather than fist over fist, it’s the extended index fingers that revolve around one another.

Here’s a Youtube link that shows a ref doing the travelling sign:

(The signal I’m talking about is at the 32 second mark)

I had the whole chorus continue this movement (but with index fingers rather than fists) as they sang any sustained notes.

Rich, gorgeous, resonant, spinning sound.

I was also able to have them do this over spots that needed an energy lift to counteract the temptation to take an unplanned breath.

Special thanks to clinician Steve Tramack (BHS) for passing on the kinesiology tricks that Jim Henry teaches.

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