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Magic Choral Trick #93 Sumo Squat

I know that there are some of you whose knees wouldn’t put up with this. I know that some of you – well, I couldn’t pay you enough.

For everyone else there’s the Sumo Squat. You’ll look like Japanese wrestlers, but you’ll sound Bulgarian.

I’ve used variations on this theme for years including post #9, The Importance of Knees, and the Bioenergetics squat. But I think this is the best yet.

I’ve watched both men’s and women’s international calibre Barbershop quartets – and quite often, at the Tag of a song when they’re going for that big killer ballad ending, you’ll see them hunker down. Presentation wise, it just looks intense – and sound wise, it’s huge and thrilling.

Last night my women’s chorus was standing around me in 4X4 formation, and because of space constraints, some were only about three feet away from me. Yet – when they were all doing the Sumo Squat, the voices were so well blended that I wasn’t able to pick out any individual’s sound. And as I say, they sounded like a Bulgarian women’s choir – or like the female equivalent of a Russian men’s choir.

I think if our quads hadn’t been burning, we would have stayed there and sung with this huge new sound all night.

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