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Magic Choral Trick #69 Supermarket Singing

Don’t know about you – but I’d rather provide my own grocery shopping soundtrack.

There’s a whole style of singing that we do in the supermarket that can be a very useful part of our choral repertoire of sounds.

It’s mostly ventriloquist lip, heady and rather anonymous. And “Hey – it could be any one of these other women around that’s singing the theme from ‘I Dream of Jeannie’.” (Yes it is hard to keep it all in check when it’s time to move into that great, soaring middle 8)

This is a great vocal technique to use for the highest notes in a phrase, when one or two notes need to be held in check – to prevent them from popping out of the line. A perfect example of this would be in ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ where the word ‘a’ is the top note of the phrase. Even worse, this note is approached by a leap. On the first run through, almost every singer just nails it.

In this song, I ask the chorus to use ventriloquist lips/supermarket singing on the second syllable of ‘Yourself’, and on the ‘a’, and it works like a charm. Very smooth.

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