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Magic Choral Trick #371 A Wonderful Gift

As I played my Dad’s arrangement of Away in a Manger from the hymnbook at church last night, and sang with my husband and adult kids this morning, providing the music for Christmas Mass – then later watched a snapchat video of family in another city singing through choral arrangements of Christmas songs – just for fun, I realized yet again the value of the gift my Dad gave us all when he taught us to sing. And to read music.

We’re now seeing more and more new studies being done on the benefits of singing together – cognitive, physical and social. And the beauty of this is that we don’t ever have to retire. My mother, who is almost 95 is still a valued member of her church choir.

Being taught to sing continues to bring fun to my life. In addition to always having been able to enjoy singing with others, I now have the mighty mission of adding to, and passing on my Dad’s teaching to many other singers. And that’s worth getting up for every morning

At the end of every rehearsal with my men’s Barbershop chorus we sing “Teach the Children to Sing”. I’m beginning to think that there might be no greater gift.

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