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Magic Choral Trick #266 The Face Peel

This one’s been around for a while – but I saw Jim Henry use it at one of his rehearsals and it reminded me of just how great a trick this is.

It can be used to brighten the sound on any vowel, but seems to work really well on an ‘Ah’

Yes – the ‘Ah’ vowel still need to be tall and narrow.

When you have a rich, full vowel and then want to add some brilliance, have the singers imagine, and mime that they’re peeling off their faces – from the chin, up and back.

If this is too disgusting a concept, you can imagine you’re peeling off a Mission Impossible style mask – again, grabbed by the dominant hand and pulled off upwards from the chin and then back.

This has the effect of unveiling the sound – making it more exciting.

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