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Magic Choral Trick #150 The Fast Silent Breath

A performer’s noisy breathing can become like waiting for the next hiccup from across the exam room as you write an important paper. The sound becomes all consuming, and pretty soon that’s your sole focus of concentration. Not being quite able to predict when it’ll happen makes it worse.

Unless the singer has some very serious breathing issues, it should be possible to take in a large breath almost soundlessly. However, like so many other things that require our attention until they don’t – it has to become a muscle memory body habit.

So simple, so easy – just raise the soft palate as you breathe in (That’s the squishy area at the back of the roof of your mouth – where the dangly thing hangs down). That’s it! The mouth can still remain relaxed and neutral shaped. Even breathing in fast through the nose becomes quieter.

Perhaps you’re now thinking to yourself “How do I do that?”

Just think of creating enough space to accommodate a hard boiled egg at the back of the throat and you’ll get the idea. Or think of the beginning of a yawn and you’ll feel the soft palate rise.

With everything now this open, there should be almost no sound at all, no matter how fast a breath you take.

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