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Magic Choral Trick #370 Mighty Work

I’ve been noticing recently that although my passion for being a part of the creation of exciting group singing has not diminished, I have much less emotional attachment to the outcome of a particular performance.

And I realize that my investment is in the work of changing lives, one rehearsal at a time.

If excellence spills over into a performance, so much the better – and there’s great satisfaction for everyone in that. Accolades are affirming, and an indicator that we’re on the right path – but if we’re all doing this mighty work well, we already know that.

I had a comment recently from one of my chorus members that their family members wanted to see and hear us more often – so that they could know what it is that we’re all so committed to.

From my perspective performance is a motivator, and definitely one of the reasons we do this – but I’m not sure it’s the most important facet of the work.

The Mighty Work is the development of a sense of oneness, and an opportunity for us to create something much, much more than the sum of its parts. It’s the creation of a vocal murmuration – like the magically synchronized flight of a flock of starlings. It’s the stuff of real joy – and unaffected by whatever life situation we left outside the rehearsal hall door.

And although we love to share it with audiences – the Mighty Work happens mostly at rehearsal and creates a state of grace.

Murmuration – National Geographic…

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