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Magic Choral Trick #257 Thoink

Magic Choral Trick #257 Thoink

‘Thoink’ is a Presentation punctuation mark.

Here’s the sequence:

Last Chord…Cut off/Everybody freezes for a moment…Thoink.

The cut off, the momentary freeze and the Thoink are all cued by the director. Then immediately after Thoinking, the director turns around to accept the applause.

Thoink is the physical move that breaks the mood of the song.

It’s just a little rise up, almost onto the toes – then a resettling into a tall, but relaxed stance. Often at the end of a song, we finish the last chord with the body’s weight slightly forward. The Thoink movement brings the body up, then down again and back to a more centred stance.

When this is done all together the effect looks very polished.

I used this recently with my choir that performs using music in folders. At the same moment that they Thoinked, they brought the folders down and held them in their right hands. We got many complimentary comments about their singing – but also many about how professional they looked.

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