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Magic Choral Trick #251 Video Lessons in Humility

Directors! Quick! Before it’s too late – video yourself!

Just watched a video of one of my choirs in performance…

My directing is still not as clean as it is in the Dreamland inside my head. Can’t believe that I’m still doing too much.

My tempi can be externally influenced. At this event they were bit too perky due to general excitement, and knowing that we were performing at the very end of a long concert, and the audience was tired. Guess I thought I was doing them a favour.

Clearly I need to be more insistent about presentation – both faces and Full Body Involvement.

And apparently I’m not as slim as I think – so I need to wake up and smell the coffee on this one and dress accordingly (and not have clothing being laterally stretched across the haunches)

Over the years I’ve heard countless coaches – dancing, speaking, and singing – talk about paring everything down to only what absolutely has to be there. Only when all the distraction and ‘noise’ is gone can we hear and see the message from the director as well as the chorus.

Even costume, hair and makeup has to be just enough to enhance – or the entire performance becomes all about the costume, the hair and the make up. (Though I do recall one time that I dressed in a more provocative than necessary outfit, for a conducting exam for which I knew I was unprepared. This of course is the conjuror’s art of distraction.)

So I pledge to do better.

I’m going keep cutting down on the flailing, quit trying to do it all for them, and just give the chorus small sized reminders.

And I’m going to keep tabs on what I look like from behind.

Bring on the video cameras.

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