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Magic Choral Trick #306 Tallification

Very simple trick for letting the audience know that they’re about to hear something important. If it’s done with just the right degree of subtlety the audience won’t really notice the movement, but will be aware of heightened intensity on the part of the chorus.

As the pitch is blown, and as we are all preparing the emotion of the song – Tallify – that is, get gradually taller.

Most of us live our lives with our mid sections collapsed a little. All we’re doing when we Tallify is stretching the distance between the bottom of the rib cage and the top of the hip bones.

Not only does this create more visual interest and excitement, it gives all of our singing engine bits more room to operate.

It’s also a cue to our own brain that we’re about to do something important – and the improved focus helps with a more synchronized and dynamic first chord.

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