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Magic Choral Trick #343 Singing Warm Up – 11 Steps to Forward Placement

For all you visual folks – just uploaded a video of my favourite vocal warm up tricks – designed to bring the sound forward.

The tricks are:

1. Breath of Fire
2. Brass Buzz
3. Finger in Cheek
4. Zzzzz
5. Bubbling
6. Lip Ring
7. Knuckle Sandwich
8. Peter Pointer Guardrails
9. Moustache Hands
10. Cheek Wings
11. Bugs Bunny Teeth

And here’s the Youtube link:

Magic Choral Trick #312 Bubbling – The Fast Warm Up

A terrific way to warm up a group really quickly – after they’ve done a few physical loosening up exercises. (I’ll post some of these later)

Also known as the Lip Roll, or the Lip Trill, Bubbling is one of the fastest ways of placing the voice in a relaxed, forward position.

A free, forward placement gives us the most clear, focused sound and prevents tension from building up in the throat. In fact, when the voice gets a bit tired or strained, this is a great way to remind the voice about where it feels most relaxed.

In addition to this, when everyone is using this same placement, blend and resonance are noticeably improved. More ‘ping’ in the sound, and for some strange reason it also helps to fix synchronization issues.

Bubbling scales, or for more fun – rounds like Row Row Row Your Boat, Frere Jacques and Three Blind Mice are a great way to warm up quickly and effectively. However, any song or exercise will do if the Bubbling is sustained for a few minutes.

When a phrase is lacklustre or messy I get my singers to Bubble/Lip Roll the phrase, all together, then 2 parts at a time.

Then when we go back to singing the words, the synchronization is miraculously cleaner, and the sound is clearer and more resonant.

Because written descriptions of this technique are sometimes not enough – here’s a youtube clip to demonstrate…

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